• Liane

    Thank you for your support and team work in giving her such important skills to deal with the daily challenges of life. I don't know what would have been of our crazy lives without the support and flexibility of Zig Zag Zoo.
  • Lizzie

    I found the thought of leaving my child in someone else's care terrifying but from the moment I entered the ZZZ and was welcomed at the door to this day I have felt our child has been supported, nutured and cared for in a very professional and loving way. We are about to enroll number two and are excited at the prospect of her joining her older sister and the team in room 1. We regularly recommend ZZZ to other parents without hesitation.
  • Laura

    Our older son started in the kindy room when we moved from Wanaka and our younger son started in the infant room at just 8 months and is now in the toddler room - so we've experienced all three rooms! We can't recommend ZZZ enough! Our older son is going to miss it lots when he leaves shortly to start school! The friendly and fun atmosphere and learning environment come together to create a perfect pre-school experience for our kids!
  • Hayley Scott

    Both of our children have been through Zig Zag Zoo & we always felt comfortable & happy leaving the kids with the team there. Our youngest started in the babies room at 6 months and our oldest has just left to start school, both have loved it and formed a special relationship with the staff, we've even gained several amazing babysitters! There are always extras for the kids, baking, field trips, loads of hands on arts and crafts and in the Kindy Room lots of learning. Miss 5 year old started school in November and her teachers have commented on how well prepared she is with her literacy, numeracy and social skills. I cannot recommend 'The Zoo' highly enough- awesome facilities and most importantly a fabulous team.